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Incomplete Policy


Students who have completed little or no coursework are ineligible for an “Incomplete” in a course. An instructor may grant a 4 week incomplete extension to a student who:

  • has satisfactorily completed major components of the course; and
  • has the ability to finish the remaining work without re-enrolling; and
  • has encountered extenuating circumstances, such as illness or family emergencies, that prevent him or her from finishing coursework prior to the last day of the semester.

An “I” for “Incomplete” is a temporary grade assigned at the discretion of the instructor.


A student seeking an Incomplete should obtain the Incomplete form from one of three ways: the shared folder of the files tab in Populi, from the Registrar’s office, or from the website in the FORMS section found in the STUDENTS area.. The student will fill out the parts of the form pertaining to the student and submit the form to the instructor before the end of the semester.

If the instructor approves the Incomplete, the instructor fills out the section of the Incomplete form indicating what the student must do to finish the course and signs the form.

The instructor of an online class sends the approved form to the Director of Online Learning for online learning; the instructor of an on-campus class sends the form to the Registrar for on campus learning. The instructor also sends a copy of the completed Incomplete form to the student.

Students receiving an Incomplete (I) must submit the missing coursework by the end of the fourth week following the semester in which they were enrolled. An incomplete grade administratively turns into the grade of “F” for “Fail” if the course work is not completed by the end of the fourth week.

Other Results for Insufficiently Completing a Course

“W” for “Withdrawal” will appear on the student’s permanent record for any course dropped after the end of the first week of a semester to the end of the third week.

Absent the granting of an “I” for Incomplete, “WF” for “Withdrawal/Fail” will appear on the student’s permanent record for any course dropped after the end of the third week of a semester and on or before the Friday before the last week of the semester.

A student who does not complete sufficient coursework to pass a course and does not request a W or a WF will receive an F as the final course grade.

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