Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Concentration Chair: Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund

The MAPS Youth & Young Adult Ministry Concentration provides learners with the ability to help teens and young adults apply their faith to the difficult emotional, spiritual, and relationship challenges that accompany the high school, college, and young adult years. This concentration would be an excellent fit for those learners who wish to:

  1. Pursue careers in Catholic grade schools or high schools
  2. Pursue careers in campus ministry
  3. Pursue careers in family life ministry
  4. Be more effective in connecting teens and young adults with a meaningful experience of their Catholic faith

Graduates will also be able to practice as Family Life Coaches and be eligible for advanced standing to become a Board-Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education.

Concentration Goals:

To equip students with the skills needed to:

  1. Help teens and young adults have a more meaningful, dynamic, and orthodox relationship to their Catholic faith.
  2. Help teens and young adults apply the wisdom of their Catholic faith to the emotional, relational, and spiritual challenges they face.
  3. Help teens and young adults enjoy healthy, godly, and chaste peer relationships and prepare to participate in godly marriage and family lives and other healthy adult relationships.
  4. Empower teens and young adults to discover their mission and charisms, and discern God’s will for their lives.

Concentration Outcomes:

Students with a concentration in Youth and Young Adult Ministry will be able to:

  1. Engage in effective and ethical youth and young adult ministry
  2. Identify the developmental challenges of adolescence and young adulthood and develop faithful responses to those challenges.
  3. Support teens and young adults in creating healthy and chaste peer relationships
  4. Prepare teens and young adults to live the Catholic vision of marriage and family life.
  5. Communicate the teachings of the Catholic Church in a manner that is compelling to teens and young adults.
  6. Help teens to live more abundant, faithful lives of genuine service to God and others.

MAPS Co-Requisites

  • PAS 602 Fundamentals of Practical Theology
  • DTH 645 Nature and Grace


  • PAS 683 Pastoral Counseling 1: Spiritual Helping & Accompaniment
  • PAS 511 Mission and Evangelization
  • PAS 720 Nurturing the Domestic Church: Facilitating Authentic Marriage, Family Life & Spirituality
  • MTH/PAS/PHE 841 Catholic Social Teachings

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Core

  • PAS 607 Contemporary Youth Culture
  • APO 512 Apologetics
  • APO/PAS 631 Social Media and the New Evangelization
  • PAS 785 Pastoral Issues Concerning Human Sexuality

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Suggested Electives

  • PAS 605 Intercultural Competencies
  • MTH 851 Contemporary Moral Issues

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