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Requirements for the Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

Year 1

Fall Semester 

PHS 121 Logic

SCM 101 Mathematics among the Liberal Arts*

HUM 103 Humanities in Ancient World

ENG 115 Writing and Composition

PAS 161 Catechism I

Spring Semester

ENG 181 Research and Writing

Science Core Course*

HUM 104 Humanities in Early Christian World

HIS 200 American History

PAS 162 Catechism II

Year 2

Fall Semester

ENG 131 Poetry

PHH 301 Ancient Philosophy

HIS 101 Western Civ I*

SOC 253 Political Science

Science Course

Spring Semester

PSY 200 Psychology*

PHH 304 Medieval Philosophy

HIS 102 Western Civ II*

SOC 275 Economics

ENG 151 Drama*

Number of Core or Recommended Courses:

Theology 2
Humanities 6
Philosophy 2
Social Science 7
Math/Science 3
Total 20

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