Undergraduate Prior Experience and Non-Collegiate Sponsored Credit Policy

The prior experience and non-collegiate sponsored credit policy concerns either prior life experience that has resulted in college-level learning or planned extra-curricular experiences that will result in college-level learning.

Either of these categories include, but are not limited to, work, volunteer or political activity, non-credit courses, military service, seminars, and hobbies engaged in prior or during the period of matriculation into one of the undergraduate academic programs at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.

Students seeking credit under this policy will apply to the Academic Dean to substitute prior experience or non-collegiate sponsored experience for courses normally offered at Holy Apostles College and Seminary.  On an exceptional basis, and only at the discretion of the Academic Dean’s approval, the policy enables a student to apply for college credit for a course not in the Holy Apostles College and Seminary catalog because it is needed for the student to pursue his vocation as a future Catholic leader.

Students may apply for up to 30 credits of life experience towards the Bachelor of Arts degree program or 15 credits towards the Associate of Arts degree program and must provide written documentation for every subject in which he or she wants “prior life experience credit.”

This documentation must be verified by an employer, supervisor or other person of authority, under whom the student has worked.

Upon receipt of the application with its accompanying documentation for prior experience or proposal for planned experience, the Academic Dean will decide, on the basis of the student’s circumstances and documentation, whether he or she may pursue life experience credits, how many he or she may pursue and for which topics.

The student must produce a ten-page academic paper (or equivalent artifact) as determined by the Academic Dean concerning life experience for each 3 credits requested from Holy Apostles College and Seminary.

The Academic Dean will assign a faculty reviewer with expertise in the area to read the paper.  If there are no faculty members with that expertise, the person who verified the experience may be asked the read the paper for accuracy.

The cost per life experience credit is $100 per credit hour.

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