Undergraduate Prior Experience and Non-Collegiate Sponsored Credit Policy

Life Experience allows students to earn three credits for “’prior learning’ that has taken place outside of the classroom.” 

Holy Apostles College and Seminary limits the number of Life Experience credits to 9 for AA students and 15 for BA students. Any granted life experience credits are subtracted from the transfer credits a student can use, depending on the degree.

This means an AA student could only have a total of 9 life experience credits and 21 transfer credits. Thus, the AA student must study 30 credits, or one year, at Holy Apostles to earn the degree.

This means a BA student could only have a total of 15 life experience credits and 45 transfer credits. Thus, the BA student must study 60 credits, or two years, at Holy Apostles to earn the degree.

To determine whether the student has the knowledge necessary to earn three Life Experience credits, Holy Apostles requires the student to take the final exam of the course for which he or she is asking to receive credits. This will show that the student knows the material, and knows it the way we teach it at Holy Apostles.

The student should pay at 50% of the Holy Apostles tuition. The student must pay an additional $100 per course for professor who corrects the final exam.

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