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All seminarians are to be sponsored by a Diocese, Religious Community or Society of Apostolic Life at the time of application. The reason for this sponsorship is that seminary formation is entails a partnership between a sponsoring bishop or religious ordinary and the seminary formation team.

In the interest of promoting vocations, Holy Apostles College and Seminary permits a prospective seminarian (aspirant) discerning a vocation to the priesthood to take classes for one year at the seminary at the undergraduate or pre-theology level. If at the end of this year of discernment, the aspirant does not find sponsorship he will be required to leave the seminary. If the aspirant does find sponsorship, the time he was at the seminary as an aspirant may be considered as part of the propaedeutic stage, but this decision will be made by the sponsor.

During this year of discernment, it is the responsibility of the aspirant to pay for his education, either by loans or other means, and to provide for his health needs. The attire for aspirants is black trousers, black shoes, and a white shirt. Unlike pre-theologians and college seminarians, aspirants do not where a black tie.

Psychological exams and background checks are required of aspirants.

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