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Human Formation

“In order that his ministry may be humanly as credible and acceptable as possible, it is important that the priest should mold his human personality in such a way that it becomes a bridge and not an obstacle for others. . . . Future priests should . . . cultivate a series of human qualities, not only out of proper and due growth and realization of self, but also with a view to the ministry. These qualities are needed for them to be balanced people, strong and free, capable of bearing the weight of pastoral responsibilities. 

They need to be educated to love the truth, to be loyal, to respect every person, to have a sense of justice, to be true to their word, to be genuinely compassionate, to be men of integrity, and especially, to be balanced in judgment and behavior” (Pastores Dabo Vobis, n. 43).

Primary Outcome: To practice kind, generous self-giving and patient suffering.

How do I consistently live a wholesome, balanced life?

  • By maintaining modesty and propriety of dress, language and humor
  • By caring for health and well-being
  • By living a lifestyle consistent with Gospel simplicity
  • By enjoying chaste friendships
  • By being united to Jesus Christ who is priest and victim
  • By being honestly committed to ongoing reflection, growth and self-assessment

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