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Pre-Theology Program

Candidates for the Seminary program who have not completed all of the academic prerequisites will be enrolled in the Pre-Theology Program. A seminarian may complete his Pre-Theology as part of the program if he has not completed his undergraduate degree. This program prepares the student for admission to First Theology.

The following courses comprise 60 semester hours of the Pre-Theology Program. Courses may be offered every two years.

a. First Year Pre-Theology Schedule

First Semester
ENG 115 Writing & Composition
Philosophy Elective
PHH 301 History of Ancient Philosophy
PHS 121 Logic
PAS 161 Catechism I

Second Semester
Philosophy Elective PHS 490 Metaphysics
PHH 304 History of Medieval Philosophy
LLT 300 Liturgy
PAS 162 Catechism Pillars II

b. Second Year Pre-Theology Schedule

First Semester
Philosophy Elective
PHH 401 History of Modern Philosophy
PHS 551 Philosophical Anthropology
PHS 414 Epistemology
SAS 101 Sacred Scripture

Second Semester
Philosophy Elective
ENG 300 Great Christian Literature I
PHS 415 Philosophy of God
PHH 404 Contemporary Philosophy
PHE 501 Ethics

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