Systematic Philosophy

Concentration Chair: Dr. Robert Delfino

Courses provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of nature, human nature, and human thought from a Roman Catholic perspective. 

Topics include epistemology, metaphysics, categorical logic, philosophy of nature, and the study of the soul.

Concentration Goals

  1. To educate students in the major thematic branches of Western Philosophy.
  2. To cultivate within students intellectual habits and methodologies appropriate to the various areas of systematic philosophy.

Concentration Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate advanced familiarity with the major thematic branches of Western philosophy: metaphysics, natural theology, logic, epistemology, philosophy of nature, anthropology, and various related topics.
  2. Students will demonstrate a facility with the methods of philosophical inquiry.

Co-requisites for Philosophy:

  1. PHH 605 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  2. PHH 620 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

Philosophy Core:

  1. PHS 611 Logic and Epistemology
  2. PHS 610 Philosophical Anthropology
  3. PHE 610 Ethics
  4. PHS 621 Philosophy of Nature and Metaphysics

Concentration Core:

  1. PHS 541 Natural Theology
  2. PHS 641 Reason in the Theology of St. Thomas
  3. PHS 721 Philosophy of Science
  4. PHS 781 Thomistic Personalism: Knowledge and Love

Concentration Electives:

  1. PHS 657 Phenomenology
  2. PHS 671 Aesthetic

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