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Multiple Submissions Policy

Any work done for academic credit, in addition to its accurately representing Church teaching, should serve as a substantive demonstration of a student’s having been intellectually formed by the class for which he or she is writing. To that end, students may not make multiple submissions of their academic work without first seeking permission from the course professor to whom they desire to submit their work and sharing with that course professor the original work and any comments made on it by the professor to whom it was originally submitted. In the case where the work intended for submission will be sent to two or more course professors for credit in the same semester, permission must be granted in advance by all course professors who will be receiving it. Work that is substantially the same content presented in different formats (e.g., once as an essay for one class and then as a PowerPoint for a different class) is also considered a multiple submission. Violations of this policy may lead to a faculty member’s not accepting for credit the work a student has submitted.

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