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Academic Integrity

Holy Apostles expects students to fulfill their academic obligations through honest and independent effort. In a community of scholars committed to truth, dishonesty violates the code of ethics by which we live and is considered a serious offense subject to strong disciplinary actions. Academic misconduct includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Knowingly furnishing false or misleading information.
  • Falsification, alteration or misuse of college forms or records.
  • Any joint effort in examinations, assignments or other academic activity unless authorized by the instructor.
  • Plagiarism in any form; using another’s phrase, sentence or paragraph without quotation marks; using another’s ideas or structure without properly identifying the source; or using the work of someone else and submitting it as one’s own. For more detailed information, please consult Holy Apostles College and Seminary’s Policy on Plagiarism and Cheating, which is incorporated by reference herein.
  • Violating any provision contained in Holy Apostles College and Seminary’s Information Technology Appropriate Use Policy.
  • Willfully aiding another in any act of academic dishonesty. Holy Apostles College and Seminary is equally concerned about the interpersonal social relationships that affect the learning environment. Respect for the conditions necessary to enhance learning is, therefore, required.

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