Student Conduct

Holy Apostles College and Seminary has adopted a Student Code of Academic Conduct Policy to protect the rights of students, faculty, and staff at Holy Apostles. This code ensures that the learning community at Holy Apostles is one characterized by mutual respect, civility and good citizenship.

All Holy Apostles College and Seminary’s students, both residential and online, as members of the academic community, are expected to accept and adhere to these high standards of personal conduct.

Students shall:

    • Treat all members of the academic community with courtesy, respect and dignity.
    • Comply with directions of College and Seminary officials acting in the performance of their duties.
    • Treat the campus itself with respect, including buildings, grounds and furnishings.
    • Respect the rights and property of other members of the academic community.
    • Fulfill their obligations through honest and independent effort and integrity in academic and personal conduct.
    • Accept responsibility for and the consequences of their actions and encourage responsible conduct in others.
    • Respect the prohibition of possession, consumption, distribution and provision of alcohol on campus and the illegal possession, use, distribution and provision of controlled substances.
    • Abide by all published policies including but not limited to those that appear in Holy Apostles’ Catalog and Student/Seminarian Handbooks.
    • Refrain from any contact with firearms on campus and from tampering with fire safety equipment in campus buildings.
    • Have no firearms, weapons or any other item designed to inflict harm or damage on campus.

Readmittance to another academic program after attaining senior standing (90 credits) will also not be permitted. Students who are not allowed to transfer to another accredited institution will not meet the criteria for readmittance. Additionally, students will not be permitted to return to Holy Apostles College and Seminary if they carry an equivalent cumulative transfer GPA less than a 2.0 (undergraduate) or 3.0 (graduate) at another accredited institution after leaving Holy Apostles.

For graduate level students, the G.P.A. earned must be a minimum of 3.0 (out of 4.0).

Students who wish to apply for re-admittance to Holy Apostles College and Seminary should petition the Office of the Academic Dean in writing and have official transcripts forwarded to the office. The Academic Faculty will review each case and make a decision. Holy Apostles College and Seminary reserves the right to refuse re- admittance to any academically dismissed student.

A student dismissed from the Seminary Division program will not be considered for re- admittance for a minimum of two years.

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