Sacred Scripture

Concentration Chair: Dr. Matthew Ramage

Courses are designed to provide the student with a comprehensive understanding and love of Scripture, the soul of theology. Courses will include books of the Old and New Testaments, particularly the Gospels as the heart of the Scriptures. Methods of patristic interpretation as well as modern methods of interpretation will be utilized. The required course is SAS 651 – Synoptic Gospels.

Concentration Goals

  1. To enable students to understand biblical vocabulary and themes.
  2. To immerse students into biblical history.
  3. To enable students to interpret Sacred Scripture.

Concentration Outcomes

  1. Students will employ various scriptural methods of interpreting Sacred Scripture.
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to interpret Sacred Scripture in keeping with the Tradition of the Church.

  Co-requisites for Theology:

  1. PHS 607 Philosophy for Theologians
  2. DTH 600 Faith and Revelation (Prerequisite is PHS 607)

Theology Core:

  1. DTH 731 One and Triune God
  2. DTH 751 Christology (Prerequisite is DTH 731)
  3. MTH 611 Fundamental Moral Theology I
  4. SAS 651 Synoptic Gospels

Concentration Core:

  1. SAS 661 Gospel of John
  2. SAS 671 Letters of St. Paul
  3. SAS 602 Methods of Theology and Scripture Analysis
  4. SAS 621 Prophetic Literature

Concentration Electives (Choose one of the following):

  1. SAS 681 Hebrews
  2. SAS 631 Wisdom Literature

Comprehensive Exam Course:

  1. ENG 890 MA Summative Evaluation:  Comprehensive Exam & Professional Paper (Theology)

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