Graduate Certificate in Christian Wisdom

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Christian Wisdom is a 15-credit program grounded in the Aristotelian-Thomistic synthesis of faith and reason based on Catholic metaphysics. The courses are as follows: “Ancient and Medieval Philosophy,” “The One and the Many,” “St. Thomas Aquinas on Being and Nothingness,” “The True, the False, the Lie and the Fake,” and “The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful and the Ugly.”

Course of Study

  • PHH 605 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  • PHS 731 The One and the Many 
  • PHS 741 St. Thomas on Being and Nothingness 
  • PHS 751 The True, the False, the Lie, and the Fake 
  • PHS 761 The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful, and the Ugly

Note: Student must complete PHS 731 before taking PHS 761.

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