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Transfer Students

a.             Transfer Credit Policy

Holy Apostles accepts transfer credits from accredited colleges and universities for all degree and certificate programs, provided the credits are in courses applicable to the particular degree program being pursued.  Transfer credits are accepted at Holy Apostles at the discretion of the Academic Dean’s approval.

Students intending to transfer credits must apply for Advanced Standing at the time of matriculation.  Advanced Standing allows a student to enter Holy Apostles as a first time student, while entering a program with a higher class status than first semester, first year, due to transfer credits.  All official transcripts must be received by Holy Apostles by the time of matriculation for transfer credits to be considered.

The number of transfer credits that may be accepted into each degree program at the discretion of the appropriate Dean is as follows:

Undergraduate Programs:

Associate of Arts 30
Bachelor of Arts 60

Graduate Programs:

Master of Arts 6
Post Master’s Certificate in Theology 6
Master of Divinity 60
Certificate of Preparation for Ordination 60
Non-Degree Graduate Certificate 0

Transfer credits must not have already been applied to a degree, except in the case of credits assigned to an Associate’s degree being used towards the Bachelor of Arts program at Holy Apostles.

To transfer credits from courses from another academic institution simultaneously with a program at Holy Apostles, the student must have the prior permission of the Academic Dean as concerns the selection of courses.  Official transcripts must be sent to Holy Apostles as soon as the courses are completed.

It is the policy of Holy Apostles not to accept any undergraduate credits for transfer which carry a grade less than a C as well as any course that receives a pass/fail/audit grade.  Furthermore, undergraduate courses that are less than the 100 level are considered remedial courses and are non transferrable to Holy Apostles.

It is the policy of Holy Apostles not to accept any graduate credits carrying less than a B grade.

b.            Evaluation of Transcripts for Transfer Credits

For students wishing to transfer academic credits into any of the programs offered at Holy Apostles, all transfer credits are at the discretion and approval of the Academic Dean.

After transfer credits have been evaluated, a personalized degree plan will be created. Once the student has been admitted to Holy Apostles, he or she may then register for courses. Full tuition and fees are payable at the time of registration.  Tuition is only refundable in accordance with the procedures outlined in the Tuition Refund Section outlined by the Business Office.  Tuition and general fees are subject to change without notice.

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