Marriage and Family Studies

Concentration Chair: Dr. J. Marianne Siegmund

The MAPS Marriage and Family Studies Concentration provides learners with a strong understanding of both the role of the family in the life of the Church and society and the responsibilities involved in living out the covenantal relationship between God, man, and woman. This concentration would be an excellent fit for those learners who wish to:

  1. Serve as both diocesan and parish-based marriage and family life ministers.
  2. Conduct effective marriage preparation and enrichment programs.
  3. Promote the relational and spiritual well-being of couples and families.
  4. Provide front-line pastoral support for couples and families in crisis.

Graduates will also be able to practice as Marriage & Family Life Coaches and be eligible for advanced standing to become Board Certified Coaches through the Center for Credentialing and Education.

Concentration Goals

To equip students with the skills needed to:

  1. Effectively communicate the role the Catholic vision of marriage and family life plays in both a healthy society and God’s plan for the world.
  2. Facilitate the general emotional and relational health of couples and families.
  3. Facilitate a robust, incarnational, marital and family spirituality according to the Catholic vision of the home as the “domestic church
  4. Be an effective first line of support to couples and families who are struggling under the weight of internal and/or external pressures.

Concentration Outcomes

Students with a concentration in Marriage and Family will be able to:

  1. Communicate the social, relational, psychological and spiritual significance of marriage.
  2. Show mastery for preparing those to embrace the sacrament of matrimony from remote and proximate stance.
  3. Prudently offer support to couples and families in every stage and state in life.
  4. Provide pastoral support and develop first-line interventions for couples in crisis.

Co-requisites for MAPS:

  • PAS 602 Fundamentals of Practical Theology
  • DTH 645 Nature and Grace

MAPS Core:

  • PAS 683 Pastoral Counseling I: Spiritual Helping and Accompaniment Church in America
  • PAS 511 Mission and Evangelization
  • PAS 720 Nurturing the Domestic Church: Facilitating Authentic Marriage, Family Life and Spirituality
  • MTH/PAS/PHE 841 Catholic Social Teachings

Concentration Core:

  • MTH/PAS/PHE 680 Marriage and the Theology of the Body
  • PAS 785 Pastoral Issues Concerning Human Sexuality
  • CLA 715 Canon Law of Marriage
  • PAS 621 Pastoral Issues of Marriage & the Family

Concentration Suggested Electives

  • MTH 851 Contemporary Moral Issues
  • MTH/PAS 620 Marriage and Family in the Secular Culture

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