M.A. Theology Program Learning Outcomes

Students earning the M.A. in Theology will

  1. Be able to identify and explain the biblical, historical, philosophical, and systematic foundations of Catholic life and beliefs in a manner that is critical, accurate, and informed by current scholarship;
  2. Exhibit, in speech and writing, a coherent and detailed knowledge of their theological concentration, its developing methodologies, its current literature, its major theoretical constructs, and its classical and current problems and insights;
  3. Manifest the skills of theological research, including facility with traditional library resources and new media resources, as well as the ability to recognize and correctly cite materials appropriate to academic theology;
  4. Exhibit a critical understanding of diverse theological discourses and positions, assessing them critically and charitably in the light of the Catholic faith; and
  5. Demonstrate competence in communicating Catholic doctrine accurately at a popular level, in a practical and commonly accessible way, whether by ordinary speech and writing or via the new media of social communication.

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