M.A. Philosophy Program Goals

The M.A. in Philosophy at Holy Apostles College and Seminary serves the following goals

  1. to educate students in the history, major topics, and intellectual habits of Western philosophy, especially 
    1. in the rich diversity of the Catholic tradition, 
    2. in the distinctively Catholic ways of understanding the relationship between faith and reason, and
    3. with consistent attention to the work of St. Thomas Aquinas;
  2. to develop in students a coherent and detailed knowledge of their philosophical concentration, its developing methodologies, its current literature, its history, its major theoretical constructs, and its classical and current problems and insights;
  3. to train students in the skills of academic research in philosophy, including the use of traditional and new media resources, as well as in the academic practices and styles common in the discipline; and
  4. to foster in students a deep comprehension of contemporary cultures and their philosophical roots, for the purposes of constructive dialogue, sound critical discernment, and participation in the work of Catholic evangelization.

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