Language Policy for All Resident Seminarians and On-Campus Students

Students who are not in the ESL Program are required to speak English in all public and private areas of the Holy Apostles campus.  English immersion is essential to becoming fluent in reading, writing, understanding and speaking English.  Moreover, fluency in English is essential for academic success while at Holy Apostles.  

ESL students are to do their best to communicate in English and to speak their language only when necessary.  Permission to speak one’s own language is given from 5:30 P.M. on Friday through Saturday as well as for emergencies and other common-sense occasions such as confession, spiritual direction, counseling, greeting guests, etc.Resident students who fail to adhere to the English Language Policy are subject to disciplinary action. Repeated violations will be filed, and will be reported to the President-Rector, who will then notify the sponsoring diocese or community, or possible sponsor.  

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