General Studies (Philosophy)

Concentration Chair: Dr. Sebastian Mahfood, OP

Courses are designed to provide a broader awareness of philosophy in general through an interdisciplinary concentration core. Students must select at least one course from each of the other four concentrations following completion of their co-requisite courses and program core.

Concentration Goals

    1. To enable students to cultivate a general philosophical awareness
    2. To provide students with an understanding of their own identity as individual substances of a rational nature
    3. To enable students to understand their relationship to one another, to the world in which they live, and to God

Concentration Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between their reason and their appetites.
  2. Students will demonstrate an awareness of the relationship between themselves and God/Nature/Neighbor

Co-requisites for Philosophy:

  1. PHH 605 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  2. PHH 620 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

Philosophy Core:

  1. PHS 611 Logic and Epistemology
  2. PHS 610 Philosophical Anthropology
  3. PHE 610 Ethics
  4. PHS 621 Philosophy of Nature and Metaphysics

Concentration Core:

  1. Any course from Christian Wisdom (PHS 731, PHS 741, PHS 751, PHS 783, or PHE 617)
  2. Any course from Ethics (Any PHE course except PHE 617)
  3. Any course from History of Philosophy
  4. Any course from Systematic Philosophy (Any PHS course except those listed for Christian Wisdom)

Concentration Electives:

  1. Any Two Courses in the Degree Program

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