General Studies MAPS

Concentration Chair: Margaret Posner 

Courses provide the student with a strong understanding of pastoral issues in the areas of family life as they affect the activity of the Church in the pursuit of its missionary mandate and prepare students to provide direct assistance in the salvation of souls.

Concentration Goals

  1. To educate students in the primary issues pertaining to family life for the purpose of their being able to engage others within them.
  2. To prepare students for the kind of engagement that will be necessary to assist others in the fostering of strong family bonds

Concentration Outcomes

Students with a concentration in General Studies will be able to: 

  1. Identify and articulate areas of crisis in family life and propose solutions by which to address them
  2. Dialogue with others concerning the authentic meaning of prayer and vocational discernment.

Co-requisites for All Areas of Concentration

  1. PAS 602 Fundamentals of Practical Theology
  2. DTH 645 Nature and Grace 

Core Courses for the General Studies Concentration

  1. PAS 805 Trinity and the Incarnation
  2. PAS 511 Mission and Evangelization
  3. MTH 851 Contemporary Moral Issues
  4. PAS 720 Nurturing the Domestic Church: Facilitating Authentic Marriage, Family Life and Spirituality

General Studies Area Concentration 

*Select any one course from each of the following four areas.

  1. Marriage and Family Life 
  • CLA 715 Canon Law of Marriage 
  • MTH 681 Theology of the Body: Sexual Difference and Complementarity PAS 621 Pastoral Care of Marriage and Family
  • PAS 660 Thanatology 
  • PAS 785 Pastoral Issues Concerning Human Sexuality 
  • PAS 841 Catholic Social Teachings 
  1. Spiritual Direction 
  • CHH 631 Mystical Theology and the Church Fathers 
  • DTH 512 Spiritual Life in the Classics 
  • DTH 890 Spiritual Theology 
  • PAS 605 Intercultural Competencies  
  • PAS 660 Thanatology 
  • PAS 671 Spiritual Direction: Skills and Practice 
  1. Pastoral Counseling
  • PAS 660 ThanatologyPAS 683 Pastoral Counseling I: Spiritual Helping and Accompaniment (Prereq., PAS 641) 
  • PAS 684 Pastoral Counseling II: Spiritual Diagnosis and Accompaniment ( Prereq.: PAS 641; PAS 683)
  • PAS 700 Christian Life Together in the Presence of Human, Physical, and Intellectual Impairments 
  • PAS 785 Pastoral Issues Concerning Human Sexuality
  • PAS 791 Morals and Psychology 
  1. Apologetics, Youth and Young Adult Ministry
  • APO 512 Apologetics 
  • APO 535 Moral Apologetics 
  • APO 565 Reading Science in the Light of Faith 
  • APO 652 The New Atheism 
  • PAS 607 Contemporary Youth Culture 
  • PAS 785 Pastoral Issues Concerning Human Sexuality 

General Studies Electives 

*Select any two courses from the lists above that you have not already taken or consult the MAPS Program Director to approve your alternate selection.

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