Concentration Chair: Fr. Pawel Tarasiewicz

Courses provide the student with a comprehensive understanding of Aristotelian and Thomistic ethics. Topics include the fonts of morality, natural law, the nature of virtue, medical ethics, and sexual ethics.

Concentration Goals

  1. To teach students about the main ethical theories concerning acts and virtues in Western philosophy with a special emphasis on Thomistic ethics.
  2. To examine and refute ethical skepticism and relativism.
  3. To allow for the study of texts that lay out the main pros and cons about ethical issues such as social justice, abortion, war and peace, and sexual ethics.
  4. To explain philosophical truths underlying Catholic Church teachings.

Concentration Outcomes

  1. Students will be able to identify the theories behind popular opinions about ethical norms.
  2. Students will be able to explain the problems with theories of skepticism and relativism.
  3. Students will show that they understand the pros and cons of major issues of our times and how philosophical ethical truths underlie Catholic teachings.

Co-requisites for Philosophy:

  1. PHH 605 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
  2. PHH 620 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy

Philosophy Core:

  1. PHS 611 Logic and Epistemology
  2. PHS 610 Philosophical Anthropology
  3. PHE 610 Ethics
  4. PHS 621 Philosophy of Nature and Metaphysics

Concentration Core:

  1. PHE 663 Natural Law
  2. PHE 680 Marriage and the Theology of the Body
  3. PHE 775 Political Philosophy
  4. MTH 841 Catholic Social Teachings

Concentration Electives

  1. PHE 505 Narrative and the Moral Life
  2. PHE 615 Nicomachean Ethics

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