Dogmatic Theology

Concentration Chair: Dr. Cynthia Toolin-Wilson

Courses are designed to examine the doctrine of the Catholic Church. Topics covered include Trinity, Christology, Ecclesiology, the Sacraments, Mariology and Grace.

Concentration Goals

  1. To teach students the principles, sources, and methods of the science of theology, and its relationships to, and distinctions from, philosophy and reason.
  2. To educate students in the major dogmatic disciplines using Thomistic and magisterial sources, and fully Catholic theologians.

Concentration Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate a familiarity with, and the ability to explain in detail, major dogmatic teachings of the Catholic Church.
  2. Students will demonstrate competence in distinguishing between fully Catholic approaches to doctrine and other approaches, and be able to communicate the correctness of the former and the incorrectness of the latter.

Co-requisites for Theology:

  1. PHS 607 Philosophy for Theologians
  2. DTH 600 Faith and Revelation (Prerequisite is PHS 607)

Theology Core:

  1. DTH 731 One and Triune God
  2. DTH 751 Christology (Prerequisite is DTH 731)
  3. MTH 611 Fundamental Moral Theology I
  4. SAS 651 Synoptic Gospels

Concentration Core:

  1. DTH 645 Nature and Grace
  2. DTH 800 The Seven Sacraments
  3. DTH 760 Ecclesiology and Ecumenism
  4. CHH/DTH 671 Documents of Vatican II

Concentration Elective (Choose one of the following):

  1. DTH 890 Spiritual Theology
  2. DTH 765 Mariology

Comprehensive Exam Course:

  1. ENG 890 MA Summative Evaluation:  Comprehensive Exam & Professional Paper (Theology)

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