Core Curriculum MA Philosophy

As noted in the list above, two co-requisite classes are required of all students when they first matriculate into the Master of Arts in Philosophy program, and these are PHH 605 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy and PHH 620 Modern and Contemporary Philosophy. If students enter the MA in Philosophy program with a Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy from an orthodox Catholic institution, they may petition to have the co-requisites waived by the Academic Dean and be free to substitute them for any two electives. The 36-credit hour core curriculum required for the M.A. in Philosophy Program is as follows:


  • PHE 610 Ethics
  • PHS 610 Philosophy of Man 
  • PHS 611 Logic and Epistemology
  • PHS 621 Philosophy of Nature and Metaphysics

Concentrations (4 courses within each concentration) 

  • Christian Wisdom
  • Ethics
  • General Studies 
  • History of Philosophy Systematic Philosophy


Any two courses within the program, preferably also within the concentration

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