Bioethics Independent of the Partnership with the NCBC

Concentration Chair: Rev. Thomas J. Davis, Jr.

Courses articulate authentic Catholic teaching with respect to bioethical issues. They provide students with a solid Magisterial foundation in medical ethics and bioethical science. Some of the topics discussed in an interdisciplinary model are technological reproduction, the criteria for brain death, genetic engineering, end-of-life decisions, “living wills,” fetal tissue research, cloning and various legal issues pertaining to bioethical procedures.

Concentration Goals

    1. To teach students a fully Catholic understanding of bioethical principles and issues as concerns life issues, in their diversity and changes.
    2. To teach students biological, medical, legal (e.g., advance directives) and ethical terminology and how to interpret what members of these different disciplines are saying when using this terminology.

Concentration Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate an ability to explain, in a popular way, the fully Catholic approach to bioethics, on a variety of life and death issues.
  2. Students will manifest a capacity to understand and interpret developing medical, biological, and legal approaches to life and death issues in a fully Catholic manner.

Co-requisites for Theology:

    1. PHS 607 Philosophy for Theologians
    2. DTH 600 Faith and Revelation (prerequisite is PHS 607)

Theology Core:

  1. DTH 731 One and Triune God
  2. DTH 751 Christology (Prerequisite is DTH 731)
  3. MTH 611 Fundamental Moral Theology I
  4. SAS 651 Synoptic Gospels

NCBC Concentration Core:

  1. BIE 653 Guiding Principles of Catholic Medical Ethics
  2. BIE 661 Biology and Biotechnologies for Ethicists
  3. BIE 673 Catholic Bioethics and the Dignity of the Human Person
  4. BIE 675 Case Studies and Applied Topics

NCBC Concentration Electives (Choose one of the following):

  1. BIE 639 Bioethics and the Law
  2. BIE 796 Bioethics in the Post Christian Culture

Comprehensive Exam Course

  1. ENG 890 MA Summative Evaluation:  Comprehensive Exam & Professional Paper (Theology)

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