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SAP Reviews – Warning and Probation Status

A SAP review is not complete until both the qualitative and quantitative measures have been completed. An institution must review the SAP measurements at least annually at the end of the academic year. At Holy Apostles College & Seminary, the SAP review is conducted at the END OF EVERY TERM in order to utilize the Financial Aid Warning status which current regulations leave optional for each institution.

Warning Status – Any student who fails to meet any one of the minimum standards will be placed on Financial Aid Warning.

  • This Warning period will be the student’s next semester of enrollment.
  • Holy Apostles College & Seminary will communicate the warning status to the student and inform the student that he/she must improve academically to meet the minimum SAP standards by the end of the following semester in order to maintain eligibility for financial aid.
  • No action is required of the student.
  • Students remain eligible to receive financial aid during this Warning term.
  • Only one Warning period is allowed. It is possible that a student regains SAP in the following term only to be placed back in a Warning status for the subsequent term.
  • The student could NOT have successive periods in financial aid Warning status.

A student who has not met the minimum benchmark of academic progress after their Warning term will automatically lose their financial aid eligibility unless they successfully Appeal and are placed on Probation. For those students NOT on financial aid, the process is the same to ensure their academic success and that they graduate on time.

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