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Appeal and Probation Status

A process by which a student who has not met SAP requirements at the end of this Warning Period may petition Holy Apostles for reconsideration of his status as a student and/or his eligibility for financial aid. This appeal is used if the student experienced conditions that affected his academic progress such as illness, injury, death of a relative, or other special circumstances.

Specifications of an Appeal Letter:

  • The Appeal Letter should be addressed to the Academic Dean.
  • The Letter should provide details as to why the student failed to meet SAP after his Warning term.
  • The Letter should specify what has changed in the student’s circumstances that would allow him to meet SAP at the next evaluation.
  • The school has the right to ask for documentation and any obvious documentation should be provided without asking.
  • Holy Apostles College & Seminary may develop an Academic Plan specific to the student if it is clear that it may take more than one term to regain SAP standards. Holy Apostles College & Seminary will respond to an Appeal Letter within 10 business days. A successful appeal places the student in Probation for the following term if it is determined that the student should be able to meet academic requirements in that term or, with an Academic Plan in place, within a specified time frame.

Financial aid eligibility continues during Probation.

Students who fail to meet SAP after their probationary term will lose their financial aid eligibility until they regain the minimum SAP requirements.

There is only one appeal per student. Appeals are not automatically approved and will only be considered for extenuating circumstances. A student may also appeal to his or her Academic Plan. However, all students must graduate within the 150% maximum time frame.

Warning and Probation are suspensions of academic standards for a minimum period of time. Grades and credits are not eliminated or disregarded in the SAP calculation even though, for a time, a student may fall below Holy Apostles College & Seminary’s SAP standard. Students are encouraged and guided at all times to take a manageable course load that will allow them to be successful in their studies and achieve the goal of graduation from Holy Apostles College & Seminary.

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