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Re-Admittance Policy

Readmission is the act of restoring active-student status to former students who have withdrawn from Holy Apostles College and Seminary or had their student matriculation interrupted by a lapse of their student status (for failure to pay fees, failure to satisfy the entry level writing requirement, failure to enroll in future semesters, or failure to graduate).

Readmission Criteria

A student who left Holy Apostles College and Seminary in good standing and is seeking to return under the same major on record will be automatically approved for readmission to that major provided:

  • the student is not on probation or subject to disqualification from an accredited institution he/she may have attended during their time away from Holy Apostles College and Seminary, all applicable official transcripts from institutions of higher education are submitted six weeks before the term of readmission to the Registrar or Director of Online Learning, and the Statement of Legal Residence petition is resubmitted.

A student who has petitioned to be readmitted (but under a different major) must also obtain the approval of the appropriate Academic Dean. Transfer to “undeclared” status will not be permitted if the student’s class standing would be equivalent to junior standing or higher.

Reinstatement is the act of restoring active-student status to former students who left Holy Apostles College and Seminary in academic difficulty (academic probation, special probation, subject to disqualification, or academically dismissed). It is expected that all official transcripts from other institution(s) with course work for all terms prior to the current semester would be submitted with the reinstatement application, and that a final set of official transcripts then be provided to Holy Apostles College and Seminary at the conclusion of that current semester of enrollment demonstrating the completion of an acceptable number of credits (normally 24 semester credits).

Any decision by Holy Apostles College and Seminary to accept the application of reinstatement will be provisional until Holy Apostles has received the final official transcripts showing the academic performance of the current term of attendance at another institution(s) of higher education.

All final decisions for reinstatement will be made by the Academic Dean. It is possible that if the student’s academic performance at another institution does not meet the expectations outlined by the application for reinstatement, the decision to be reinstated could be revoked by the appropriate Academic Dean.

Reinstatement of a student who has been dismissed from the College will be at the discretion of the appropriate Academic Dean. If a reinstatement is approved, the student will be monitored on probation by that Academic Dean for a minimum of one semester.

No petition for reinstatement will be considered if a student is academically dismissed for a second time at any time after initial reinstatement.

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