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Grade Finalization

a. Final Grades

The academic transcript reflects all attempts and grades. All grades become final when they have been assigned and reported to the Registrar for on campus students or the Director of Online Learning for online students. A grade becomes officially recorded when the Registrar so stipulates.

b. Appeal of Grade

A student who feels that a grade has been unfairly awarded may appeal to the course instructor. If not resolved, an appeal may be made to the Academic Dean. Appeals for grade changes must be made within six weeks after grades have been officially released. If, as a result of an appeal of grade, a grade change is deemed appropriate, such change shall be initiated by either the instructor or the Academic Dean by submitting a completed grade change form to the Registrar or Director of Online Learning.

c. Grade Change

Due to a Clerical Error or Satisfaction of an Incomplete Except where a grade change is warranted following an appeal of grade, final course grades may be changed only by the instructor of the course and then only if there has been an error in computation, to remove an incomplete or, in highly exceptional circumstances, in response to a request for a Retroactive Grade change (see below).

The instructor must submit an official grade change form to the Registrar, or Director of Online Learning. Upon recording a grade change, the Registrar, or Director of Online Learning, shall send the student a student copy of the revised academic transcript.

d. Retroactive Grade

Change A retroactive grade change is a change in grade that occurs after a grade becomes officially recorded that does not result from a clerical error, a change from a grade of “incomplete” or the result of an appeal of grade. A retroactive grade change is an extraordinary action and is granted only in the most compelling circumstances. Such a grade change may not occur unless the instructor who gave the grade initiates the formal process of a retroactive grade change and is approved by the Academic Dean. Retroactive grade changes are not made for students who have graduated.

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