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At-Risk Online Student Policy

Distribution of At Risk Student Forms

The Assistant to the Academic Dean sends the At Risk Student Form with the Attendance Surveys to the Instructors twice each semester.

The At Risk Student Form is in the shared files of Populi as well as on the website in the FORMS section, found in the Students area.

Completion, Submission, and Follow-Up of At-Risk Student Forms

Instructors should complete an At-Risk Student Form for any student who is exhibiting serious deficiencies in attendance or participation, use of online learning technology, comprehension, writing, communication, research, time management, following instructions, or other skills necessary for success in online learning. The Instructor must send the completed form to the Academic Dean.

The Academic Dean will email the completed At-Risk Student Form to either the Director of Online Learning or the Registrar. The Financial Aid Office will also be informed of the student’s difficulties, if appropriate. The Academic Dean must ensure that reasonable efforts are made to contact the student by his/her advisor and any other appropriate staff. Any information received should be added to the activity feed. Calls should be documented.

The Academic Dean should also refer the student to the Online/On Campus Writing Lab, to an English as a Second Language specialist, or to another party for further assistance if advisable. The Academic Dean may determine whether other actions are needed to help the student succeed.

Registering for Subsequent Semesters

The Assistant to the Academic Dean will post the completed At Risk Student Form and Incomplete forms in the Activity Feed of the student and in the “Show Visibility Options,” and will check Academic Admin, Financial Aid, and Registrar.

A copy of the completed form will be placed in the Student’s folder. The Director of Online Learning/or On Campus Registrar will place a “Registration Lock” on the student’s Populi file to prevent the student from self-registering for more classes unless cleared by the Academic Dean and the Financial Aid Office. The Academic Dean and the Financial Aid Office may limit the number of courses for which the At-Risk Student can enroll in a subsequent semester.

A student with an At-Risk Student Form or an Incomplete form from the previous semester may not register for more than one course without the approval of the Academic Dean.

A student with an At-Risk Student Form or an Incomplete form from the previous semester is not allowed a “Self-Registration” tag.

Only the Academic Dean, in consultation with the Financial Aid Office, may remove a Registration Lock for an Incomplete or an At-Risk Student.

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