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Class Attendance

For lay-undergraduate and lay-graduate programs, there is no college-wide attendance policy that applies to all classes. Each instructor develops and distributes to students his or her own attendance policy during the first week of each semester. The instructor notifies the Academic Dean if a student’s absence is excessive. Excessive absenteeism may result in the student being withdrawn from the course. The student must notify the class instructor and the Academic Dean if he or she is going to be absent for an extended period because of personal emergencies.

Immediately upon returning to classes, a student should discuss with the instructor the academic work missed because of absences. It may be the case, depending upon the extent of the absence, that the work cannot be made up within the semester and an incomplete has to be given. It is the responsibility of any student withdrawn from a course due to poor attendance to contact the Office of the Registrar for on campus students, and the Director of Online Learning for online students, immediately, so as not to receive a grade of “F”. The Business Office handles any refunds which may be due the student.

There is a uniform class attendance policy for seminarian students detailed in the Seminarian Handbook.

Veterans are required by the Veterans’ Administration to attend classes on a regular basis regardless of the attendance policy of the instructor. Poor attendance or lack of attendance by a veteran will result in termination of benefits.

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