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Mission, Purpose, Vision, and Goals


The mission of Holy Apostles College and Seminary is to cultivate lay, consecrated and ordained missionary disciples for the purpose of evangelization.

Animating Purpose

To facilitate by our mission and vision the preaching of Jesus Christ to the edges of society and ends of the earth for the salvation of souls.


The vision of Holy Apostles College and Seminary is to be the premier provider of online and on- campus Catholic undergraduate and graduate education. We envision each graduate as a competent and courageous missionary disciple of Jesus Christ according to his or her state of life, ministry, or apostolate.


  1. To maintain excellence in teaching/learning, research/discovery, and service/engagement through the Liberal Arts, Philosophy and Theology.
  2. To guide students to integrate their search for truth with a personal relationship to Christ.
  3. To animate the entire college and seminary experience with a recognizable, distinctive, unambiguously Catholic spirit.
  4. To assist students to formulate a coherent worldview based on faith and reason.
  5. To instill in students a devotion to Liturgy, prayer and service and the cultivation of community as well as excellence in academics.

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